About the Department

The Department of Mathematics was started in December 1996 catering to the needs of Engineering Departments. Over the years since the inception of the College, the Department has grown in tune with the demands of the Institution and improved its strength. As of today, Department of Mathematics is one of the servicing departments which impart sound knowledge in Mathematics.

18 faculty members working in the department of Mathematics in which 9 of them are Ph.D degree holders and 5 of them are pursuing Ph.D programme. Department of Mathematics is consistently producing good results.


Instill analytical and logical thinking among the students to upgrade their performance in Engineering and Technology. The department strives hard to get recognized for academic excellence through quality teaching and research.


  • To encourage the students to conduct projects to develop their analytical and logical thinking
  • To make the students proficient in Mathematics, which makes them to be successful in their further studies and careers .
  • To graduate qualified cadres who are equipped with research skills in the field of Mathematics.
  • To help in producing Engineers who develop mathematical thinking and applying it to solve complex engineering problems.

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